Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sandesh : Bengali sweetmeat


1) 2 litres whole milk
2) 2 tbsp lime juice
3) 1 cup powdered sugar (can add more or less according to your sweetometer :) )
4) A few pistachios chopped
5) 1 tsp cardamom/elaichi powder

1) Bring milk to a boil. Then, gently add the lemon juice.
2) Gently mix with a spatula. the milk starts to curdle and form paneer or cottage cheese.
3) Once the water separates and is almost clear, drain the water in a cheese cloth. Drain it completely, this will take about 10 minutes.
4) Cool the paneer and now add the sugar (some at a time), elaichi powder and knead well. The more you knead, the more creamy the net result will be.
5) Warm a pan on low heat. Add the paneer mixture and gently toss for 2 mins till the raw smell disappears. Remove and cool on a flat dish.
6) Then take small  portions of the paneer and make balls out of it by placing in between your palms, place it aside. Repeat for the rest of the mixture. Decorate with pistachios. You can give any desired shape you want and the topping can also vary depending on your choice of fruits or nuts.

Sandesh is ready. Enjoy !!

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