Friday, August 13, 2010

Chicken Biryani

Hi friends & all those biryani lovers,
Here I present a simple yet lip-smacking recipe of chicken biryani.

Get set & go !


1) 300gms Basmati rice
2) 500gms chicken( I prefer a reasonable amount of meat)
3) 250gms Onion
4) 2 tbspoon ginger-garlic paste
5) 100gms curd/natural yogurt
6) 2 tblspoons of Kewra and Rose essence, 1 drop Mitha attar
7) Kesar colour/a few Saffron strands
8) Eggs
9) Potatoes
10) 10 tblspoons of cooking oil (amount can vary depending on how much diet conscious you are !)
11) Whole garam masala, 1-2 bay leaves, 2-3 black cardamom
12) Salt
13) Sugar
14) Aluminum Foil

1.Soak basmati rice for 45mins to 1 hour.Then boil the rice with SALT,1 bay leaf, 2 cloves, 2
cardamon, and  cinnamon boil till more than HALF done.Immediately strain and take it on a plate
and let cool off under a fan.

2.Pressure cook or boil the whole peeled potatoes till
ALMOST done. Do not boil it completely.

3.Boil the eggs and keep aside.peel and prick with a fork,keep aside.

4.Make a ginger-garlic paste.

5.Peel and chop finely 2 big onions.

6.Now heat refined oil in a pan,add finely chopped onions keep stirring till it turns
nice dark brown (do not burn the onions).

7.Take a small bowl of 100gms curd. Add sugar to it and then add the fried onions to it. Mix it
and keep aside.

8. Take chicken pieces and marinate in the above mixture along with 1tsp of kewra and 1tsp of rose essence.
Leave for sometime.

9. Take a pan with oil, add the ginger-garlic paste saute for 2-3 mins.then add marinated chicken and stir
in between till done.once it leaves its oil add chilli powder and salt.
The chicken is ready.

10. Now add a pinch of the kesar colour to the peeled potatoes and eggs and lightly fry them in
a pan. Remove and keep aside.

11. Now in a bowl take some milk add a bit of sugar, kewra
essence, rose essence mix it with a spoon and keep aside.(try to get some color by adding
kesar colour or kesar dissolved in warm milk).

12. Pour this mixture into the cooled rice. Add 1 drop of mitha attar and mix well.

13. Take a large container , add a layer of the rice and top of it add eggs, potatoes and the chicken. Repeat it for 2 layers.

14. Take a pan, add oil generously. Add a bay leaf and the black cardamoms. Heat the oil and pour the whole thing on the rice and chicken layers.

15. Cover the container with aluminum foil and put in the microwave at 300W for 5mins.   OR put the covered container on a heated tawa.

16. Remove from the microwave and mix the contents well before serving.
     Add some fried onions on the top while serving.

Green chillies optional ! 

Hey !!! Chicken Biryani is ready ! Enjoy !
Waiting for your feedback.

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