Monday, September 6, 2010

Sooji-narkel-r puli

Hi friends !

Desserts are an essential part of all Indian palates. Here I present a simple and tasty recipe "Sooji-narkel-r puli" that translates into sweetmeat made of semolina and coconut....

So, let's get going !!!


1) Sooji/Semolina 2 tbsp
2) Grated coconut 4tbsp
3) Condensed milk 150ml
4) Full milk 1lt
5) Sugar (preferably brown)
6) Crushed cardamom 2pods
7) Pista for garnishing

Method of preparation

1) Take sooji in a pan and lightly roast it. Be careful not to overdo it.
2) To it add the grated coconut and lightly stir for a while on low heat.
3) To it add the condensed milk. Keep stirring.
4) Add sugar to suit your taste. Mix well to prepare a dough of suitable
consistency to prepare the pulis.
5) Remove from flame and prepare the pulis of desired shape
and leave it aside to cool.
6) Boil milk in a pan. Add the crushed cardamoms and some pista in it.
Boil till it is reduced to half the original amount.
7) Add sugar to taste.
8) Lower the flame and carefully add the pulis to the milk and simmer for a couple of minutes and remove from flame.
9) Garnish with pista and leave it for a couple of hours in the
Take out 15 minutes before and serve.

So, here you are...yumyum delicious dessert ready to serve.

Enjoy !! waiting for your feedback.

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